We provide the basic training of sit, lay down, heal, sit/stay commands. We donít believe in treats or clickers. Our way of training is the traditional old fashioned way.

We use only positive and negative re-enforcement as well as a training collar. Dogs and puppies in general want to learn and please their parents, it is the parents that need the training most of the time.They are the ones that need to learn how to relate to the dog or puppy.

Our trainer has trained with and learned from some of the best. She has traveled all over the states. One of her missions was to be a Greyhound trainer in Wisconsin. Most of that work was about muscle rehabilitation and conditioning as well as teaching the pups how to run the course a certain way so not to get hurt. She has worked side by side with veterinarians. Also the use of a Police dog training facility and agility course was open to her needs.

Find a common language so to speak.

We provide one on one trainng with the parent and the dog.

There is homework, which is lots of practice on your part.

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